Holy nights meditations 2015/16 related to twelve archangels

You can use these meditations also outside the holy nights

JOPHIEL - 24/25
My gentle heavenly origin
Is reflected
In troubled waters.
It is the restlessness of the water
That distorts the image.
The real being
Still has the clear beauty 
of the divine idea
I really am.

ARIEL - 25/26
Sun and earth come together to create the beauty of nature.
The Christ-Light and the soul come together to create the beauty of humanity.

JEREMIEL - 26/27
I find life in the divine substance of the Father,
I ignite warmth at the eternal sacrifice of Christ
I receive light from the limitless mercy of the Spirit.
My soul takes the form of a prayer in action.

RATZIEL - 27/28
As the prism reveals the colors of the rainbow, allowing itself to receive and release the light of the sun -, so can also my heart reveal all the colors of the Godhead if it allows itself to receice and release the pure light of the Spirit.

ZADKIEL - 28/29
Choose a plant. Feel yourself in our solar system being an integral part of it. Look at the plant in all details, picture its life cycle and sense its wholeness. Say to it in your heart:

You and I are the same, one divine idea reaching through nature, humanity and cosmos. 
Your process of germination relates to the moon and to my root chakra,
your growing of stalks and leaves relates to Mercury and to my sacral chakra, 
your transforming into calyxes relates to Venus and to my solar plexus, 
your spreading out as pollen relates to the sun and to my heart chakra,
your receiving the pollen onto the stigma relates to Mars and to my throat chakra,
your maturation into the ripe fruit relates to Jupiter and to my third-eye chakra,
your inseminating mother earth relates to Saturn and to my crown chakra.
You and I are the same, one divine Idea reaching through nature, humanity and cosmos. 

RAGUEL - 29/30
I am your friend supreme divine source,
I belong to you in deepest peace.

I trust the Spirit.
I trust my fellow man.
I trust myself.

CHAMUEL -31/01
All my incarnations are one, are "one" incarnation,
an incarnation that has manifested itself through different facets...
...from the wonderful clairvoyant priesthood of the old... to the new clairvoyance and the divine willpower we harden in the meeting with evil.
- I feel the stream of force carrying me forward.

METATRON - 01/02
God protects me,
he loves me.
I trust him,
I give myself trustingly
into his hand.
He fills me with purity and wealth.

HANIEL - 02/03
I am -
born within the light,
wrested from darkness
always God`s child,
always in God's plan,
even in evil only follower,
even in straying still source of life.

AZRAEL - 03/04
I am Azraels helper on earth.
I am his loving hands
between the souls of men.
I feel their concerns, 
their future, their present, their past.
Azraels divine presence gives me the capability to serve them.
While acting on his behalf
I am one with him,
I am Azrael.

NATANIEL - 04/05
The ripe fruits of my efforts to understand shine brightly,
the powers of my best will let resound their healing harmonies
within the sphere of soul-power-receiving angels.
Please angels connect yourselves with this light and sound,
transforming them into young, still unborn sunlight, into the song of earth-life to come. I release them now.


Picture from http://wtbangels.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/archangel-uriel-on-wtbangels.com_-241x300.jpg