Capricorn 21.12.-20.01.


 Courage is the virtue to cultivate in deep winter times under the astrological sign of Capricorn. What does it mean? Can we assume the animal is pointing us in the right direction? 

I once met a Capricorn walking in the mountains alone. I had been walking up a mountainside for more than an hour. There was a long line of huge irregular boulders, like a shortcut, along this mountainside a couple of hundred meters away from my path. While I was standing still for a moment, resting from the effort, I saw him: 

A Capricorn, thundering down this shortcut, jumping from one boulder to the next, and adapting his jumps to the irregular sizes and shapes. His speed was breathtaking; I could swear I saw sparks flying from where he touched the stones. His total concentration and joy of testing his ability to the limit could be felt like the sound of a huge bell filling the air. 

In what seemed like seconds he had reached the point where I had started for more than an hour ago, jumping on elegantly with a more relaxed speed, radiating the pride of the one who is sure of his exceptional ability. 

The courage we seek and want to practice has an element of taking a risk, holding up full concentration and clarity. 

My Capricorn would have been badly injured if he had trodden just a little bit wrong. But he wouldn't have been the being he was bound to be by just being careful.

To transform ourselves, our lives and all of humanity into something we can be proud of and deeply satisfied with, we need to take the risk of going to the limit, and giving everything into a situation, daring to be on the way to become who we know we are supposed to be. The Spirit has given this part of our evolution into our freedom and needs our courage to unite with and make positive change happen.
Inspired by: Geoffrey Hodson: Thus Have I heard" Chapter IV - // Rudolf Steiner: Virtues of the month -…/bib_steiner_monatstugenden // and by Friedrich Benesch´s words in "Apocalypse, the Transformation of Earth: An Esoteric Mineralogy". -
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Sagitarius 21.11.-20.12.


Sagitarius in the tropical zodiac 

Control of speech and even inner thought and impulses

 It is good to be spontaneous somtimes, but even when we are, we should never forget that our words and even our inner impulses, like anger, longing or joy, or our way of judging have an impact on the world. 

While it easily can become artificial to consider the effect of everything we say before we open our mouth, we can certainly develop a feeling for the energies our words are carrying and permeat our energy-field with the will for high quality of truthfullness and humaneness, that can act like a filter, dissolving negativity and focusing creative and healing thoughts and impulses. 

The persistent presence of this calming and loving will - with it's firmness, clarity and alertness - permeats our aura with a beautiful green colour which reminds us of the splendor of smaragd; and inversely the wonderful colour and quality of this gemstone can incite our ability to control our speech, our inner thoughts and the impulses that originate in our feelings in a healthy way; a way that does not suppress our spontaneity, authenticity and genuineness.

This virtous energy is a great gift to our Earth given from heaven.


Inspired by: Geoffrey Hodson: Thus Have I heard" Chapter IV - // Rudolf Steiner: Virtues of the month -…/bib_steiner_monatstugenden // and by Friedrich Benesch´s words in "Apocalypse, the Transformation of Earth: An Esoteric Mineralogy". Picture from

Scorpion 21.10.-20.11.


The Scorpion in the tropical Zodiac

Sardonyx - Patience

In november, a good distance north of the equator, life is ebbing away, and coldness and a sometimes unbelievably thick blackness meet our senses, while there are also the very last golden leaves and sometimes moments with a light so clear and beautiful that it almost seemes to come from the beyond. Then we have a tendency towards being tense, nervous, depressed, even desperate, and it is quite beneficial to give ourselves patience - patience with ourselves, with our slow progress as individuals and as human kind. We can allow it to surround us, and dive into it like a sea dog dives into the sea. We can drink it like a magical potion and let it fill us with comfort and relaxation. The more we practice it, the calmer and stronger we get.

Catherine of Siena, the great independent soul, tells us, that God loves us with eternal patience. That is comforting, but that is also the challenge: Our progress within the realm of freedom he gives us, might seem desperately slow, or even spiraling downwards. We have to remind ourselves of the trust and respect directed towards the human soul that is the essence of his patience, and restrain ourselves from the temptation of forcing the right ideas on others, which is growing so strong again in our days - hopefully as a reaction to the fact that all totalitarian believes, wether they are based on revelation, ideology or science have lost their right to exist in our heart of hearts.

Freedom, respect and patience belong together like the three aspects of this zodiac sign that wants to teach us the meaning of crises as part of a deeper progressive safety and peace: The scorpion, the eagle and the phoenix.

Live with these kinds of thoughts and feelings and you open up to the gift of patience that lifts death and crises' into the principle of rebirth and creation of progress.

Inspired by: Geoffrey Hodson: Thus Have I heard" Ch.IV.
Rudolf Steiner: Virtues of the month
and by Friedrich Beneschs ideas about the twelv foundation stones of the new Jerusalem in "Apocalypse, the Transformation of Earth: An Esoteric Mineralogy". Picture from

Scales 21.09.-20.10


Scales 21.09.-20.10

Contentment - Sarder

In the last third of september, when darkness, coldness and nature's drive towards death in the northern hemisphere for the first time are stronger than warmth, life and light, the relationship between nature and us human beings is going through a crises. The natural world, which we have been living together with, has to give its outer life over to death, while we cannot do this. We have to seperate ourselves from nature and confirm ourselves in ourselves.

When this crises is over, we sense something like deep contentment flowing through the landscapes and an inner clarity manifests within ourselves. We are then invited to practise contentment and build our meditations around it.

We can feel nature's contentment. It comes from the leaves that have almost completed their work, surrendering themselves to transiency, releasing their beautiful glowing colours. It comes from the mown fields, the richness of fruits completing the enourmous work of growth and ripening throughout the year. It conveys itself through the spesial arome we meet walking through a forest, which at the same time stimulates our inner self.

Contentment is the heart's acceptance and enjoyment of the work that is done, the acceptance of what has happened and of what hasn't happened, of what we have been able to reach and what not - the ability to be happy about the things we have and to let go of everything else for now.

People who cultivate the virtue of contentment are radiating a calm and selfless sense of justice. They are creators of peace without doing much, just through the energy they convey. They have a wonderful composure in meeting their fate and a joyful untouchable inner light. The gemstone Sard holds these same qualities and might be helpful cultivating them.

"Enjoy the internalization of the light
Dissolve disappointment, overtaxing and harshness. Let it loose its power over you.
Let your heart become alive."

It is of course entirely possible to cultivate this quality independently from where on earth you are dwelling. The energy of the scales is everywhere. Where it doesn't manifest through the qualities of the beginning autumn it will find other ways to reach you. The pictures given hear might still be helpful.

Inspired by: Geoffrey Hodson: Thus Have I heard" Chapter IV.
Rudolf Steiner: Virtues of the month
and by Friedrich Beneschs words about the twelv foundation stones of the new Jerusalem in "Apocalypse, the Transformation of Earth: An Esoteric Mineralogy".


Virgin 21.08.-20.09.


The exercise of the month September is courtesy.

We sometimes believe that courtesy is in conflict with emotional honesty. - Try to do the following. Try to replace your emotional blankness with an outer behavior that is showing formal respect and correctness towards others, and ask your guiding spirits to lead the effect of this formality also back onto yourself, so that it can transform you. You might experience a deepening of your feelings, and might see yourself gently being guided towards finding the best words, the right gestures, to reach another soul in a difficult situation.

You learn to know just how special each individual really is and your soul becomes capable of a much deeper emotional honesty, an emotional honesty that can wait until it finds ways to reach the other soul through awakening and the appliance of deep rerspect for the other persons freedom as well as the individuals long way og becoming.

Inspired by: Geoffrey Hodson: Thus Have I heard" Chapter IV.
Rudolf Steiner: Virtues of the month
and by Friedrich Beneschs words about the twelv foundation stones of the new Jerusalem in "Apocalypse, the Transformation of Earth: An Esoteric Mineralogy".
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Lion 21.07.-20.08.



There are many who are suffering near us without us even noticing, whom we would be able to help.

To become more aware of them we can ask our guiding spirits to show us what could or should be answered with compassion in everything our eyes or ears may touch today.

You might be surprised how you suddenly notice: This person is lonely, that one is really insecure. This one seams to be grieving from loss or abuse. That one is paralyzed by anxiety and fear.

You might also get impressions from animals or other non-human beings.

The impressions we get are gentle and we have to be patient. We have to let our urge to judge fall silent if it occurs and lay aside our wish to be a hero and save everyone.

Just use your senses and allow compassion to occur. Wait what it wants to tell you and what it may wake up within you over time. Give it time to grow.

It is often enough for a person in pain that someone is embracing this pain cautiously with his or her good will. You often cannot take much caring while you are in pain.

If you should be in pain yourself try to let the compassion of others reach you.

Inspired by Geoffrey Hodson "Thus have I heard" esp. chapter 4 - IV

Rudolf Steiner "Virtues of the months"…/bib_steiner_monatstugenden.…

and by Friedrich Beneschs words about the twelv foundation stones of the new Jerusalem in "Apocalypse, the Transformation of Earth: An Esoteric Mineralogy".

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Crab 21.06.-20.07.


Unselfishness - virtue of the month under the sign of "The Crab"

It is said to be particularly beneficial, to practise unselfishness in the month that follows the summer solstice on the northern hemisphere.

Something is very special about the relationsship modern man has to this virtue. It is clear that it is of high value to be able to be unselfish, and at the same time the ideal of being oneself is so powerful, that the concept of unselfishness is pushed aside. It is of course a little different with religious people but even for them the ideal of being selfless or doing selfless deads has become more difficult to grasp.

For some reason the enormous tension within modern man (or woman) regarding this virtue, does not lead to a lot of exploration of the theme. 
Why is the self so important and why is it equally important to be able to let go of it? The self, experienced as a positiv force makes us powerful beings, steering our own course. The difference between the socalled ego and the self is not clear at this point, unless we want to call all that is keeping us inside a buble of selfinterest the ego, in contradiction to all that which keeps a clear view of reality and is continiously evolving, but these are concepts that are not at all easy to recognize in reality. It is probably here unselfishness comes in. For the self to delvelop properly it is necessary to conquer a point of view anchored in something outside itself.

For those who are gifted with colourful feelings, compassion might become the way towards unselfishness, for others it might be their love of the truth, others have a strong urge to help people by doing something. All these activities require the presence of the self as the one who sets the tone, who keeps the direction. All these activities require also that the self is silent within the space it has created. The self becomes the place where the world can appear, be comforted, be transformed for the better.

The first Christians uesd the words "Not me but Christ - within me" and the ancient asian masters used the phrase "Tat Tvam Asi" (Thou art that), Which means the other being is in the end just as much yourself as you are.

So we can see that practicing unselfishness is necessary for the self to be true, to be born into the divine, to become a pure and strong part of our developing world.

Inspired by: Geoffrey Hodson: Thus Have I heard" Chapter IV - // Rudolf Steiner: Virtues of the month -…/bib_steiner_monatstugenden // and by Friedrich Benesch´s words in "Apocalypse, the Transformation of Earth: An Esoteric Mineralogy". -

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Twins 21.05.-20.06.



The month of June with its peculiar energy, is especially suited to challenge our perseverance. It provides us with many opportunities to use and strengthen our ability to persevere, to persist, to endure. Our usual complaining and lamenting, our anger and criticism should rest as much as possible during this time of the year.

The rising of the year towards the heights of light and growth is taking us outwards and upwards. The force of this movement is so strong that we may fear to lose ourselves - and what better way to create the illusion of a strong self than blaming oneself or others - and give up!

Somewhere inside we know how futile this is and how destructive, but the part of us which knows, is somehow sedated by the cosmic forces drawing us away from ourselves. What we actually should do is allow these force to take us, while preserving our best habits - in trust to the choices we ourselves have taken earlier. We should not doubt them, but simply live them. Everyone around us will almost certainly benefit from it.

Instead of giving the disappointment of uncertainty and unreliability, we give the gift of steadiness and firmness, which coalesces itself like a balm with the situations of others. They become free to be however they need to be, because our principles are not rooted in them, but in ourselves, in the truth and in God. Thus we become mutually supportive to each other, and create continuity and peace.

Inspired by: Geoffrey Hodson: Thus Have I heard" Chapter IV - // Rudolf Steiner: Virtues of the month -…/bib_steiner_monatstugenden // and by Friedrich Benesch´s words in "Apocalypse, the Transformation of Earth: An Esoteric Mineralogy".  Picture from

Bull 21.04.-20.05.


 Bull 21.04.-20.05.


All qualities that reveal themselves in the universe - in an often powerful, wild, unilateral way - are combined, tamed and balanced within the human being.

They are so by nature, but not yet within the liberated modern human soul. Therefor the six polarities making up the zodiac have to be understood and balanced by us more and more in these modern times we live in.

The passionate warmth of the lion for example needs to be balanced by the cool objectivity of the Water-carrier. Likewise needs the life-affirming, potent metabolism of the Bull its counterweight in the Scorpions ability to analyze life down to its mere structure. and conversely: When you find yourself in a state of over-analyzing everything, loosing faith in yourself and in life, don´t try to fight it - but balance it out approaching life, by walking i nature for example!

You can of course not start to eat grass and produce milk or muscles, but you certainly can visualize the meadows, the frugal work of eating, digesting and building up the body, the huge warm eyes, the deep breathing and the undemanding curiosity of these wonderful animals. You can find ways to increase the presence of these qualities within your life. They will balance the Scorpions deadly judgement all by themselves and attenuate it into precious abilities of reason and orientation.

Through this process of balancing the powers that make up our own being as well as the universe, we contribute to the progress of the universe and establish the next stage of human development.

Inspired by "Thus have I heard, chapter IV about self-disciplin - by Geoffrey Hodson, London, 1928. I
"Apocalypse, the Transformation of Earth" by Friedrich Benesch".…/…/1584201657
and Rudolf Steiner: Virtues of the month…/bib_steiner_monatstugenden.

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Ram 21.03-20.04.



The special progress we can make under the astrological sign of the Ram lies in the realm of devotion, veneration and reverence. These are older virtues, which have kind of gone out of fashion. For an era that saw it as an important task to get rid of pompous nonsense, which had to be cleared out, this is quite understandable.

On the other hand we need devotion, veneration and reverence if we want to develop into something more than we are, just not the reverence for idols or dogmas.

For me it is easiest to feel reverence in nature, standing before a flower in the light of the sun or under the stars of the night sky. Sometimes I have been inspired by artwork to find this good quality within me, which nurtures my soul and awakens my spirit. It is setting free my ability to trust and have faith. It makes me feel more safe in the world and more at home.

The feeling of wanting to serve the evolution of the world by developing myself comes easily - not like a duty imposed from outside, but as the natural thing to do.

The energy of the ametyst can support this attitude of the will.

Inspired by "Thus have I heard, chapter IV about self-disciplin - by Geoffrey Hodson, London, 1928. 
"Virtues of the month" by Rudolf Steiner and "Apokalypse, an occult mineralogy by Friedrich Benesch
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Fish 21.02.-20.03.


Pisces in the tropical zodiac 21.02-20.03.

The exercise for the astrological time of pisces is said to be magnanimity or "greatness of heart".

It means that the right thing to do is to surround people with positivity inspite of their weaknesses, their wrongdoings or even their more fierce activities and pratice the same attitude towards ourselves. Afterall the ego and the higher self are not just the seperate beings, they seem to be. The ego might even be one of the conditions needed for the higher self to become the independent being, God has it intended to be, and the ego can learn to serve our spirit and carry our spiritual mission into the world.

Thus we arrive at a challenging question? Is the seperation, the fall, however you want to call it, part of Gods plan? Is is a tool of His creation? It seems to me that it has to be, and for the exercise of magnanimity it certainly is a motivating assumption.

The Lord says to the devil in the play "Faust" by Goethe:

"Try what you want to do:
Remove this spirit from its highest source.
Lead him, if you can trap him, your way down,
and stand abashed, when you will have to admit:
A good human being, despite of dark urges,
has an inner awareness of the right path."

How to find this sometimes deeply hidden right path in ourselves and support this process in others, without dominating them or letting them abuse us, would be the challenge, would be our joining of the task of the ascended masters, our participation in the ennobling selflessness and the liberating humor of the Angels.

Then magnanimity developes into love - the best kind of love.
The energy of the heliotrope can support us in this important endeavour.

Inspired by: Geoffrey Hodson: "Thus Have I heard" Chapter IV. 
Rudolf Steiner: "Virtues of the month"
and by Friedrich Beneschs "Apocalypse, the Transformation of Earth: An Esoteric Mineralogy"

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Water carrier 21.01.-20.02.



This month's exercise: Discretion. Sapphire.

In the time of the year, when aquarius is the leading sign, we are leaving the deep winter energy behind. Something is opening up, the horizons are widening, physical objects - including our own body - and physical space seem to become more real again. A sort of awakening starts under earth's surface, and bark and buds on trees and bushes carry slightly more life.

All these changes are subtle and happen in complete silence. They correlate with the subtle and silent transformation persons undergo, who have decided to be discrete and cautious with their words. They learn how to hold back until the right form of expression is found and the right time has come for those they will speak to. They learn to wait in silence, being prepared to accept that maybe the right time won´t come at all, or to understand that it isn't their task to say anything.

Their motto is: My task is never to tell other persons what they should do, but to contribute in a way which helps other persons to find their own way to truth, inner peace and responsibility, so that they can do what they really want to do.

Our own gain in this process is that our meditations get a lot more powerful. That is so because our ability to concentrate and our responsibility for the words, pictures and colors we create within, is strengthened through each encounter with other people, where we exercise this ability to hold back and wait until the time is right.

It is good to take the time to become ready under the surface. A deeper power is activated, which will lead to a much more powerful result, when spring's time of manifestation is at hand. The beautifully blue energy of the sapphire is holding this quality and can strengthen it in us.

Inspired by: Geoffrey Hodson: Thus Have I heard" Chapter IV - // Rudolf Steiner: Virtues of the month -…/bib_steiner_monatstugenden // and by Friedrich Benesch´s words in "Apocalypse, the Transformation of Earth: An Esoteric Mineralogy". -…/…/1584201657

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