who gently awaken the souls,
who permeate the hearts with comforting feelings,
who through life on Earth transform ancient wisdom into young love -

hear my call, accept my plea, my intercession for ... ,

that wants to unite
with your protective power,
with your healing presence

and therefor is sending love devoted to spirit.


Meditation / Prayer to Archangel Raphael


dear master of social healing,
please transfer 
as much healing power as possible 
into me at any time,
radiating it through me.
Let me feel embraced 
by your healing, strengthening 
and awakening love.

Within me is growing a new world, 
a world of passion and joy.
I must not let anything endanger it.
My whole being is prepared for this.

dear master of social healing,
please transfer 
as much healing power as possible 
into me at any time,
radiating it through me.
Let me feel embraced 
by your healing, strengthening 
and awakening love.

The emergence of this new world 
binds me together with all those, 
who are linked together by the same divine task,
the task of bringing forth the next stage of human evolution.
It will lift us up to heights, we never imagined were possible,
heights of development of the self, but also heights of service.
They, who share this task with me, 
carry everything I need to become complete 
and I am the same for them.

dear master of social healing,
please transfer 
as much healing power as possible 
into me at any time,
radiating it through me.
Let me feel embraced 
by your healing, strengthening 
and awakening love.

We join together on a human level,
but the more we will become attuned,
the more will the greatness of God 
be able to show itself within each of us.
Our ability to heal, to teach 
will grow infinitely.
Finally we will find peace. 
Our spirit will find enlightenment in God.

dear master of social healing,
please transfer 
as much healing power as possible 
into me at any time,
radiating it through me.
Let me feel embraced 
by your healing, strengthening 
and awakening love.

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Prayer to Archangel Ariel

Dear beloved Ariel.

You angel of life, you angel of nature
you angel of renewal, 
of everlasting life through birth and death, 
of continuity through transformation...

...your face looks like a lions, 
because you are filled 
with the lions courage,
with the lions never ending love to life,
with the lions passionate "Yes" to being part of the world, 
being part of life itself.

We humans are at the beginning of our way,
mostly not even really born,
but soon out of the womb of earthly human existence..
We ask for your inspiration, for your intuitive gift.
Please give us the courage to be born
amidst the archetypes of nature,
to breathe within eternity, 
to act within God!

You look at our faces
and you see yourself long ago.
It is as long as eternity,
but you still remember, 
you still feel compassion,
you still care.
We are grateful for that!

Being born is the mystery of God, 
being transformed from a natural and cultural creature 
into a child of God by creating ourselves 
is the deepest mystery of human existence.
Please help us sense, 
that we are of Gods own spiritual substance, 
one with all that is divine,
and in being so - really ourselves:
The mystery that cannot be taught...

Please make us forget our endless worries 
and let us be filled with courage 
and infinite love to life, 
that we will need 
to live a life beyond time!

We feel you like our brother 
radiating respect and love 
and we radiate it back.
Please unite yourself with us
in Gods own respect and love!

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Prayer to Archangel Haniel

Beloved gentle and powerful Archangel Haniel,
you who understand human passion,
you who connect to it without judgement.
you who see the beauty of it even in all its immaturity.

Love can be firm like a mountain,
warm like the sun,
sparkling like the stars
and clear like a young river.
It can be like a thunderstorm in the desert,
like the gentlest pink in the dawn,
like the music of heavens singing back at themselves.

Within these overwhelming forces 
of love and friendship
you appear like a guiding light,
helping us accept confusion, fear and guilt,
steering us in the right direction, 
supporting our effort to chose the right path.

Like a cleansing remedy you bring us
the essence of the early morning - right before dawn,
the chilly droplets of morning dew,
the powerful silence before sunlight explodes
- putting the world in glory and peace.

You are our brother and sister
in the love to the mysteries of belonging together,
to the infinite chalk of opening up and trusting each other,
to the enlightened touch of souls and spirits.

Please bring us your protective force,
that we can go through these experiences
without losing ourselves,
without being blind for those close to us.

Help us to make it all happen 
in harmony with our spiritual efforts,
with our living towards enlightenment.

We gladly accept your awakening touch 
and ask you to imbue our lives 
with Gods ennobling beauty and graciousness.


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Prayer to Archangel Raziel

Beloved Archangel Raziel
Please take me into your white transparent light,
Please imbue me with the calm clarity of your spirit.
Please, touch my soul and wake up my higher senses,
so that I can behold the spiritual world!

Help me to sum up all my experiences and efforts,
merging them into my higher self,
.....from the weight of worldly dreams 
.....from the desperation of being stuck
.... from ceaseless games and struggles for recognition.

Help me wake up and see the truth,
which is woven through all illusion,
which transfers all external forms 
into Gods creative existence, giving me peace.
Then help me "wake down" again in strength and absolute clarity.

Please take me into your white transparent light,
Please imbue me with the calm clarity of your spirit.
so that I can become the strong, spiritual person,
who I am supposed to be.

I accept your blessing, I count on your continuous help, 
I ask for your intervention, when you see me being driven off course.
Please connect with my efforts to wake up into Gods light 
and live out of his love.
Send me his Holy Spirit, his all prevailing, timeless, cosmic love.

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Prayer to St.Jophiel

Dear beloved Jophiel,

you, who hold and carry me 
through all heights and depths 
of life and love.

I feel you supporting my growth 
into a balanced and harmonic being.

I feel you helping my soul 
to rest safely within herself in everyday life.

I feel you encouraging my face
to assume a new and purer expression.

I feel you strengthening my life forces 
for the healing of myself and others.

I feel you making my spirit glow 
in the joy of handling life in an elegant way

I accept your love. 
I let it flow through me
and let you guide me
towards a new clarity 
in perceiving and expressing wisdom,
towards a new purity 
in accepting and giving love,
towards a new distinctness 
in gaining and facilitating hope.

Wonderfully gentle Jophiel, 
please be in God with me
and imbue me 
with your love and beauty.
Let me breathe in Gods grace, 
so that I can let it flow from me in the future.

Thank you, Archangel Jophiel


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Prayer to St.Gabriel

Dear beloved Archangel,

please surround me with golden light
to build up my health and strength.
Please surround me with divine support,
to develop a stronger connection to eternity.

I seek you in patience
and ask you to increase my patience.
I seek you with love
and ask you to heighten
my ability to give loving care,
and humor, inspiration, peace and laughter.

Before you I let down my guard,
I let go of old anger
and I detach from disappointments.
I reinterpret and integrate old pain
as pain of the birth of my higher being,
transforming it into joy!

Repeating the process of pregnancy on a higher plane,
working on a higher body, the peace body,
I ask you to bring me
all the substance, wisdom and joy I need
to complete it,
so I can be a creative and inspired person,
free from blockages and damages, 
and ready to take action.

I accept your inspirations and blessings of light.


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Affirmation (especially for teachers)

In accordance with Gabriel, 

who (among other things) helps to gain educational wisdom 
from the heights of the universe, 
I make my effort to let grow the abilities 
of a true teacher (mother, father, ....) inside me.

I remind myself, that the children, the students are the most important thing.

Their souls want to shine, 
their personalities want to grow in harmony 
and anchor themselves within the heart of mankind, 
their spirits want to live towards the future.

I open up my mind.
I open up my heart.
I receive guidance.
I receive creative wisdom.
I am.
I am a teacher - - - (I am a mother, I am a father, .......).
I am.

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Affirmative prayer for those who have reached an overpersonal state of mind.

Departing moon, upcoming sun

The sun is coming up.
The moon is departing
with a gente rose-colour.

Dont forget the moon,
with her emotions.
She needs your care,
because the soul, 
that is about to grow,
can easily be shattered
against the cliffs
guarding the land of truth,
even as it is her home.

She has to grow
and mature protected
in the strangeness
of this world of boundaries
and illusions.

Dont forget the rose-moon
you son of God,
you keeper of the sun,
you lover of truth.

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Evolutionary prayer

Angels please help us, to free our sciences from their materialistic prison, to free ourselves from our religious prisons, to free the resources of earth from the ruling economic systems, which increase consumption to a level earth cannot sustain, while at the same time blocking the possibility of a satisfactory quality of life for every human being. Please permeate us with the self confidence we need to see it through.



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Liberating affirmative prayer

This is an liberating affirmative prayer or meditation, that can help you when you find yourself trapped in an energy of stress and tension:

Thank you Archangel Raphael, for your calm green, that is relaxing my troubled spirit.
Thank you Archangel Michael for your solemn purple, that enables me to respect myself as the carrier of an individual spirit that I am. 
Thank you Archangel Chamuel for your watery green, that unblocks the flow of love between heaven and earth.
Thank you for helping me to detach and for permeating me with peace.

Aum - Amen

Evening prayer

An evening prayer, best during the hour of sunset.

Dear archangel Raphael, send your green earthlike light into each and every cell of my physical body, so it can hold together further.

Dear archangel Chamuel send the soothing light of the planets into the wholeness of my etheric body, so that my organs can find there way back into full functionality.

Dear archangel Gabriel, send gentle moonlight into the colours of my astral body, preparing it for the conception of my higher self.

Dear Archangel Ratziel ignite the starlight of my higher principles, that my spirit may blossom and sing.

Dear archangel Uriel help me see my brothers and sisters, accepting the process of giving and receiving in forgiveness and gratitude.

Dear archangel Michael, protect the spirit-sun within my heart, maintaining and restoring the transformation of the body into the expression of me.

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Affirmative protective meditation

God loves me.

I trust him,

He fills my life 
with pure light,
reminding me of my purpose.

I give myself trustingly
into his hand.

Rudolf Steiners prayer for the dead

May my love as a sacrifice - warming up all cold, cooling down all heat - be woven into the sheaths, that surround you now.

Carried by love, filled with light, live upwards!


May my love be woven into your spirit soul,


strengthening your ability of staying centered,

protecting your appreciation of your life and yourself,

awakening the healing force of your hope.


May God´s angels carry his love
into each single moment of your life.


(free translation of a prayer written by Rudolf Steiner)

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Affirmative meditation

Be in peace with yourself - trust whatever is coming to you - refuse to fight. 

- inspired by Merlin

Communion with the universe

Carried by the earth element, 

reflected within the material world, 
I sense the starry being of the heavens 
streaming towards me 
- I see them 
transform lovingly 
within my will.

Carried by the water element, 
moulding me into the fabric of this world, 
I sense the planetary deeds of the heavens 
permeate my existence 
- I see them transform wisely 
within my feelings.

Free translation of meditative words written by Rudolf Steiner

Reaching harmony in life

(spiritual marriage)

In the dance of the elements,
coexisting with the spirits of nature,
healed by the clear songs of the planets -
find your "I AM"

and let it be filled by protecting angels
with freedom-respecting clarity,
with love-carrying beauty
with willpower-emitting heart-force.

In the flight of fate
find continuity and peace
your own divine life-mission.

Inspired by the order of Melchisedek

Self orientation

See your future 

in the powers of your will
and build, 
generating hope.

Carry your past 
within your life-force,
its shadows.

Feel your presence 
being totally there, 
with a gentle touch and a light withdrawal, 
in peace.

- written under the spirit of Boddhisatva Maytreia

Meditative prayer before giving an angel reading


Angels, please,

pour your light

over me,

so that I 

can convey,

what this soul needs

to move forward.



Saint Martins Prayer

Saint Martin,

beloved messenger of the spiritual power of brotherliness,
spiritual predecessor and brother,
may the light of your meditations and prayers 
become awakening life within us,
may your tireless efforts fuel our efforts,
may the power of your lifework become our empowerment.
Together with you and all true spiritual guides 
we want to transform the earth of competition and war 
into the earth of understanding and peace.
Let this day
be the turning point 
in the spiritual fight between selfish fear and brotherly love.
Saint Martin
wondrous guide towards ennobling compassion,
beloved brother in the aspiration of manifesting the divine,
please calm our impatient hearts, 
so that we can learn 
- more and more - 
to trust in the potency of our acts 
of willpower and love.

Let nothing disturb you

If you are frightened, tired of fighting, or just sad - these words of Teresa from Avila, who in the fifteenth century wrote "the inner castle", might help you find peace. 

Let nothing disturb you

let nothing frighten you

All things are passing away

God never changes

Patience obtains all things

Whoever has God

Lacks nothing

God alone suffices